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The Light Of The Sea Crystal


Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Vritika Srivastava 
Number of Pages : 179
Size :  ‎21.59 x 13.97 x 1 cm
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Sorrow- the Dark queen wants more than just the revenge from Queen Marina. She wants to destroy the harmony of the sea and destroy the people of mermaid kingdom who have made her live in exile. She already has waged war through her indomitable army of dead soldiers, sea creatures, magical powers, spies, and dragons in which the peace loving queen and her people are losing. How will you be able to defeat such an army?  She is watching every move and this time, she is coming to fight.
And now think of a group college passed friend on a joyful vacation to enjoy and set course for their upcoming life. During the vacation, they come to know that they are part of prophecy to embark on an expedition to save the needy queen. What makes them agree to take up this expedition, and what kind of dangers, unsettling thrills, anxious riddles, the act of braveries, etc., the troop showcased to help the mermaid kingdom and their “Queen- Marina”.
This thrilling novel will take you on the ride on log boats, fascinating sparkle path, adventures of fruit valley, playing with a gigantic serpent, exploring the fish farm, danger of caves and passages, and many more.
VRITIKA SRIVASTAVA is 12-year girl studying in class 7th in Amanora Public School, Pune. This is her first novel about which she developed a keen interest during the early 2021 visit to sea beaches in Maharashtra and Kerala. She also got motivation from her faculty in VIBGYOR School. When Vritika is not writing, she can be found performing classical dance, playing basketball, and Drawing

Additional information


The Light Of The Sea Crystal


Vritika Srivastava


APK Publishers


21.59 x 13.97 x 1 cm





No. of Pages


Reading age

9 – 16 years


50 g



Publishing Date

4 April 2023


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The Light Of The Sea Crystal