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Here is what some of our authors have to say:

Writing to me, is a rather mysterious activity. Inspiration may strike you at any given time and in the most unexpected places and so was my rollercoaster journey of writing and formulating a book. As a naïve, 17-year-old first time author, when APK Publishers chose to give me a platform to display my work, living by their motto “By Writers, For Writers”, it would be an understatement to say I was beyond elated.
Working with Ms. Anagha Karhade and the entire team was an enlightening and extremely satisfactory experience. They were there every step of the way, be it repeated edits, or multiple book cover designs and doubts, help with promotions and platforms, every need was served with a smile.
I could not have asked for a better publishing experience, in every sense of the way, and I’m grateful for all the support that was offered much beyond simply publishing, and for paving my path and stepping stones.

Kunjika Kanoi

I had a very pleasant experience with APK Publishers for my first novel “The Gorgeous Dozen”. Within a short time a very good partnership was formed with them and the entire process was very transparent right from day one. The editing of the book was very thorough and constructive feedback was given which aided the end product. APK also helped with advertising the novel on various platforms which boosted the sales.

I found them to be very encouraging to first-time writers and have fresh ideas. They have a good knowledge of how the market works and served as wonderful guides through the entire process.

Vivek Aiyyar

A big thank you to my publisher, APK Publishers. As a first-time author, they provided the right professional guidance for editing, cover design, production, publication, and marketing. I was fortunate and could not have been in better hands. They were responsive when I had questions and always ensured I had no doubts during the publishing process. I would recommend APK Publishers to any first-time author or someone looking for a personal experience. Many Thanks.

Neil Narale

I initially approached other publishers but I received negative responses being a first-time writer. Then I got in touch with APK Publishers. I had a memorable experience in getting my book published, “Wait… Until She Proposes”. Even though I was working in a different city, the entire process of book publishing was seamless. Their entire team was very patient and supportive during the journey – the review, editing, cover design, and printing. They exactly understood all my doubts and queries, and ensured that the final output was perfect and as expected. Eventually my dream of getting a book published was fulfilled, like so many new authors!

APK Publishers has one of the best packages as well. The books are listed on the APK website as well as amazon. They also helped me in promoting my book on various social media.

Pranav Kasture

APK Publishers believe in their unique tagline “By writers, for writers”.  This was proved when I got my first book published with them recently; they indeed are always there for us, the first-time writers.

Anagha & Prashant Karhade, the COO and CEO of APK Publishers respectively, are extremely professional in their approach and excel in publishing different genres of English books. Publishing my book through them was a super smooth sail, with constant feedback and support from the entire APK team, be it illustrations, editing and corrections.  I thank them for their support and wish them the best always.

Suparna Kudva Nair

APK Publishers is an excellent platform for first time authors looking to self-publish and expecting a personal touch of guidance.

Prashant brings in his personal experience as an author / publisher to provide valuable inputs, while Anagha is extremely responsive in helping managing the logistics of the entire process.

Together, they have provided a launching pad to many debutant authors, including myself.

Arun Iyer

I had a wonderful experience with APK Publishers. Their approachability is very high, and that is one of the most important things for a new author who is looking for publishers. They were systematic, organized, and professional in the entire publishing process. They had satisfactory answers to all my queries. Professional comfort level while working out the details of the project is excellent, as they take into consideration authors’ plans and ideas while giving the best possible advice. I have published two novels through them so far and I couldn’t have asked for a more author-friendly publishing company.

Vivek Gadre

If you are looking to publish, contact us today!

Aiming for the Stars

After we published the first two books in the Alice Series (Alice The Netherworld and Alice The Inferno Conspiracy) by Megha Rao, she went on to sign a two-book deal with Penguin and published It will Always Be You and A Crazy Kind of Love with them. More recently, she published Music to Flame Lillies with India Research Press.

Will you be the next to get picked up by big publishers after publishing with us?

When you work with us, you will get:

The Best Advice

We will give you the best advice, not just about getting the best value for your money but about everything else. You can count on us to do that!

Timely Execution

We publish all our books within three months, and most times quicker than that. So no more waiting for months (or years) to get published.

Rights to Your Book

It’s your book. So you should own the rights to your book. And that’s exactly what you will get to do when you publish with us.

Time to Promote Your Book

We take care of all the logistics so that you can focus on promoting your book, which all (but especially first-time) writers have to do.

All Sales Profits

When you pay for the cost of production, it’s only fair that you get to keep all the profits resulting from the sales. And that’s exactly what you will get to do.

Attention & Care

We know what writers go through while getting their books published. So rest assured that you will get the attention and care that you deserve.

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step to turn your dream into reality!

No Pre-Determined “Packages”. Get a package that works for you!

Your book is unique. Your requirements are unique. So shouldn’t the package that we create for you be unique too?

We think so. That is why we don’t have pre-determined packages. We understand your requirements, your budget and create a package that represents the best value for your money. And yes, it will be as unique as you are.

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We sell physical copies of our Our books to buyers from all over the world through our online book store. Till date we have sold thousand of copies to buyers from 20+ countries. Buy any book you like and get a first hand experience of buying books directly from us. We are sure that you will find it to be a top-notched experience! And give you encouragement to one of our first time writers in the process. That’s how karma will come back to you one day!

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We sell e-books to buyers all over the world exclusively through Amazon’s Kindle Store. Amazon Kindle has 20 international websites, and our books are available on each of those websites!

Here is what some of our buyers have to say:

I bought a copy of Nainapur Adventures: Mystery of the Forbidden Oak for my 12-year-old son after we attended Arun Iyer’s session on creative writing in a book fair. My son absolutely loved the book! And loved the illustrations too drawn by Arun himself. They definitely helped with the visualization. And I was impressed with the production quality of the book. It was top-notch! Exceeded my expectations for sure.

Suraj Pol

I bought a copy of Wait… Until She Proposes but it was spoilt in transit and arrived in a bad condition. I contacted APK Publishers. They shipped me another copy, no questions asked. And they also sent me a complimentary copy of Memory Remains, personally autographed by Prashant Karhade (the Founder of APK Publishers). That was a great gesture I would say and one that took me by surprise. Thank you APK for that.

Sejal Darade

I bought a copy of Moonstone. It is one of the funniest books I have ever read. At one point I was literally rolling on the floor laughing. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everybody. I wonder why it hasn’t been made into a movie…

Shilpa Joshi

Buy a book, for yourself or as a gift for somebody.

Best Sellers


History In The Making Political Essays Volume 1 & Volume 2
Author : Suren Khirwadkar

Suren Khirwadkar has a master’s degree in Political Science from Northwestern University, Chicago and a Bachelor’s degree in laws from Vikram University Ujjain.
The Two Birds
Author : Anukampa Bhadra

The couple was desperately looking for a place in that small town established under the one giant monolith. The female pigeon would lay eggs in a few days. Their old house; the fort lacked the peculiarities, the birds were demanding from their setting.
After daring many difficulties in their faces, they finally located a ledge that belonged to a multi-storey residency.
History In The Making Volume 2
Author : Suren Khirwadkar

Suren Khirwadkar has a master’s degree in Political Science from Northwestern University, Chicago and a Bachelor’s degree in laws from Vikram University Ujjain.He has three decades of management experience with Hindustan Unilever Colgate-Palmolive, Britannia and Citibank in different geographie
Lastly, My Love
Author : Kirti Gupta

Kirti has written previously for local newspapers, radio and company newsletters including technical whitepapers. Currently, she shuttles between office and dreamworld to give words to the music in her head. In her spare time, she can be found petting random cats.