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Tales of God, Ghost and Girlfriends


Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Virendra Rajput
Number of Pages: 150
Binding: Paperback


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Tales of God, Ghost and Girlfriends is an awe-inspiring collection of stories about the dilemmas faced by most of us. These are the dilemmas for which we go round and round many times without achieving a definite end result. The protagonist caught in a double bind is being helped by some unusual characters in both resolution and realization. The stories are filled with loads of humor, dramatic irony and surprises to convey the message in more elusive way. The sarcasm, suspense and dry humor in the stories will keep you on the edge till the very end. The stories explore the range of human experiences like a young village girl trying to resolve one of the challenges faced by community. A young middle class man who is part of two very varied cultures in dilemma of paying taxes genuinely or giving preference to saving for his own future. A young farmer being continuing his duty or align to society’s version of devotion. Three women stereotyped by society trying to find ground and purpose in life. In these very usual situations what happens when someone unusual comes to show the way. Expect the unexpected and enjoy the ride to liberation.

Virendra is an author based in Pune. He has more than 15 years of experience as professional and a keen eye for observation. He is well traveled and an ardent reader with interests ranging across multiple subjects. He balances day job with an attentive mind eager to observe, read and write. The stories written are based on keen observation and thought process build over the time. He can be reached on

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Tales of God, Ghost and Girlfriends


Virendra Rajput


APK Publisher



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Tales of God, Ghost and Girlfriends