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A Royal’s Destiny The Azure Kingdom


Publisher : APK Publishers
Author : Anvika Perodi
Number of Pages: 144
Size: 5″ X 7″


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Lilith is one of the Princesses of her kingdom—the Azure Kingdom, and she needs to prove to her parents that she will make a wonderful future queen, better than her twin sister, Lydia. But Princess Lydia gets captured by the people of the Krimson Kingdom, who betrayed the Azure Kingdom. Lilith then disobeys her parents and goes on a quest to try and save her beloved sister.

“Will I, Lilith Azura, be able to save my sister, Lydia Azura? I think that, along with my newfound friends, I just might have a slight chance. The journey will be rough, but I must try. Anything for my dear sister.”

But will she able to? Who knows? There are so many dangerous creatures and obstacles along Lilith’s way, and she might not even be able to find Lydia, as the world is such a huge place…

Join Princess Lilith on her journey, and see if she can save Lydia! Or will she also get captured, and end up going on this journey all for nothing?

About the Author:

Anvika Perodi is a thirteen year old young and passionate writer. Her first book, A Detective’s Diary, was published in 2020. Anvika started writing short, creative stories in lower primary school as she enjoyed putting her thoughts down. Her favourite book series would definitely be Harry Potter, by J.K. Rowling.

Some of Anvika’s hobbies, other than making stories, are drawing, writing little poems, doing digital art and making small animations. She says she loves what she’s doing right now and wishes to continue very much!

Additional information


Anvika Perodi


A Royal’s Destiny The Azure Kingdom

Number of Pages



5” X 7”




APK Publishers



Publishing Date

6th April 2021




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A Royal’s Destiny The Azure Kingdom